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Breakfast Specials

Three Egg Special3.25

Three eggs, hash browns. home fries or grits and toast or biscuit

Granny's Breakfast5.95

Two French toast. two eggs. two bacon, two sausage links or one patty

Add Hash Browns. Home Fries or Grits 1.65

Grandpa's Breakfast5.85

Two pancakes. two eggs. two bacon. two sausage links or one patty

Add Hash &owns. Home Fries or Grits 1.65

Eggs Benedict 7.85

Oatmeal & Toast3.75

The Brunch Box Belly Buster 7.90

Two eggs any style. two bacon, two sausage links and ham. home fries, hash browns or grits and two pancakes

No Substitutions

Two Egg Entrees

Served with your choice of home fries, hash browns or grits and toast or biscuit.

Egg Whites - 0.10 per egg

Scrambled Eggs with Diced Ham5.75

Add Cheese 0.75

Eggs & Chopped Steak

6oz 6.55 | 9oz 7.05

Eggs Any Style3.10

Two Eggs 3.10 | One Egg 3.00

Eggs & Pork Chops

Brunch Box Specialty!

One 6.60 | Two 7.70

Eggs & Fish7.85

Eggs & Bacon5.75

Three slices

Eggs & Ham Slice6.25

Eggs & Sausage Patties or Sausage Links5.75

Two patties or three links

Eggs & Country Fried Steak7.35

Brunch Box Specialty!

Eggs & Smoked Sausage5.75

Eggs & Corned Beef Hash 6.70

Egg Sandwiches

All Sandwiches served with Two Eggs on choice of White, Wheat, Rye, Bagel or English Muffin.

Add Cheese 0.75 | Egg Whites 0.25 extra per egg

On Toast4.25

Bacon or Sausage 4.35


BLT 5.55

One egg

Western Omelet on a Sub Roll 5.55

Philly Steak on a Bagel 6.65

Brunch Box Specialty!

Breakfast Wraps

Ham & Cheese 4.60

Bacon & Cheese 4.60

Sausage & Cheese 4.60

Western & Cheese4.60

Brunch Box Specialty!

Three Egg Omelets

Egg Whites 0.25 each



Onion, green pepper and cheese topped with salsa


Mushroom Cheeseburger7.40

Brunch Box Specialty!

Ham & Cheese6.55

Philly Cheese Steak7.40

Western with Cheese6.65

Brunch Box Specialty!

Meat Lover's7.40

Bacon, sausage, ham and cheese

Mushroom & Swiss6.65

Brunch Box Specialty!

Smoked Sausage6.65

With onion and green pepper


Mushroom, onion, green pepper, tomato and cheese

Country Fried Steak7.40

Brunch Box Specialty!



Home fries or hash browns smothered with cheese, two eggs any style. peppers and onions, with toast or biscuit

Supreme Skillet6.65

Brunch Box Specialty!

With Sausage Gravy | Add Bacon or Smoked Sausage 3.15

Biscuits & Gravy

Small (1 Biscuit)4.05

Large (2 Biscuits)4.65

Pancakes & French Toast


Two 3.65 | Three 4.65

French Toast

Two 3.75 | Three 4.75

Breakfast Sides

Bacon (3) 3.40

Egg (1) 1.30

Ham Slice 4.10

Cheese 0.75

Corned Beef Hash 4.10

Assorted Muffins 2.10

Sausage Gravy

Cup 2.60 | Bowl 3.10


2 Biscuits 1.90 | 1 Biscuit 0.95

Sausage Links (3) 3.40


Plain 2.20 | With Cream Cheese 2.45

Sausage Patties (2) 3.40


Smoked Sausage 3.65

English Muffin 1.95

Country Fried Steak 5.00

Hash Browns 2.30

Pork Chops

1 Pork Chop 5.25 | 2 Pork Chops 6.25

Home Fries 2.30


Regular 2.00 | 4oz 0.95

Oatmeal 2.65

Fried Green Tomatoes 3.40


Cup 2.10 | Bowl 2.70

Corn Fritters3.40

Sliced Tomatoes 2.10

Lunch Platters

Served with your choice of homemade mashed potatoes, veggie. roll and soup or side salad.

No substitutions

Country Fried Steak7.55

Brunch Box Specialty!

Liver & Onions7.55

Chopped Steak7.55

Pork Chops7.90

Brunch Box Specialty!


Ham Steak7.55

Open-Faced Sandwich7.75

Roast Beef or Turkey

Grilled Chicken7.55

Italian Chicken7.90

Brunch Box Specialty!

Cheddar, provolone, bacon, mushrooms and marinate sauce

Soup & Salad5.65

Side salad and cup of homemade soup

Soup & Sandwich5.65

Egg, Tuna, Chicken Salad or Grilled Cheese Sandwich with a cup of homemade soup

No substitutions

Homemade Specialties

Served with a soup or side salad and roll.

No substitutions

Shepherd's Pie7.55


Brunch Box Specialty!

Served with garlic bread

Stuffed Peppers (2)7.55

6oz Burgers

Homemade hand pressed patties cooked to order. American, cheddar or Provolone.

Make it a 9oz patty for 1.15 more. |Plain Burger 4.15 | Add fries 1.40

Plain Burger4.15


Bacon Cheeseburger5.50

Pepperjack Burger4.90

Mushroom Swiss Burger5.70

Brunch Box Specialty!

Patty Melt5.35

House favorite!

Our hand-pressed patty with grilled onions and cheese. Served on grilled rye

Texas Melt5.70

Brunch Box Specialty!

Our hand-pressed patty topped with BBQ sauce, bacon and grilled onions. Served on grilled toast


Served with coleslaw or potato salad.

Chicken Tenders8.10



Brunch Box Specialty!


Nathan's 1/4 lb. Hot Dog4.35

Fish Sandwich 8.00


Served with coleslaw or potato salad.



Brunch Box Specialty!

Double Bacon

Nathan's 1/4 lb. All Beef 
Chili Cheese Dog5.10

Chicken Salad5.75

Egg Salad3.50

Chicken Salad Melt5.60

Brunch Box Specialty!

Grilled Cheese4.60

Grilled Ham & Cheese5.40

Grilled Chicken on a Bun5.85

Roast Beef6.35


Classic Club6.70

Ham, turkey and bacon

Brunch Box Club6.70

Brunch Box Specialty!

Roast Beef, turkey and bacon

Tuna Salad5.40

Tuna Melt5.45

Grilled rye and cheese

Corned Beef6.35


Brunch Box Specialty!

Corned beef, Swiss, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing

Turkey Melt6.45

Swiss, bacon and tomato

Italian Chicken6.45

Cheddar, provolone, bacon, mushrooms and marinara sauce


Served with coleslaw or potato salad

French Dip7.55

Brunch Box Specialty!

With au jus

Philly Chicken & Cheese7.55

Philly Steak & Cheese7.55

Brunch Box Specialty!

Tuna Salad6.00

Roast Beef7.45

Ham & Cheese6.10

Turkey & Cheese6.25

Chicken Salad6.35

Brunch Box Club6.95

Brunch Box Specialty!

Roast beef, turkey and bacon

Classic Club6.85

Ham, turkey and bacon


Brunch Box Specialty!


Served with coleslaw or potato salad

Grilled Chicken5.10

Crispy Chicken 5.10

Brunch Box Specialty!

Tuna Salad5.10

Chicken Salad5.10

Lunch Sides

French Fries2.90

Cheese Fries4.75

Loaded Cheese Fries5.35

Homemade Potato Salad2.00

Homemade Coleslaw2.00

Homemade Soup

Cup 3.25 | Bowl 3.75


Chicken (Grilled or Crispy)

Small 6.50 | Large 6.95

Tuna Salad

Brunch Box Specialty!

Small 6.50 | Large 6.95

Chicken Salad

Brunch Box Specialty!

Small 6.50 | Large 6.95


Turkey, ham, cheese, tomato, boiled egg and fresh greens

Cold Plate7.40

Brunch Box Specialty!

Chicken and tuna scoop, tomato and boiled egg served on a bed of lettuce

Diet Plate6.50

Hamburger patty, cottage cheese and tomato slices

Stuffed Tomato6.70

Chicken, tuna or egg salad. Served with choice of potato salad, coleslaw or apple sauce

Side Salad2.90

Kids' Breakfast Menu

12 years and under only

One Egg4.05

With 2 bacon or 2 sausage links or patty, home fries and toast

One Pancake4.05

With 2 bacon or 2 sausage links or patty and home fries

One French Toast4.25

With 2 bacon or 2 sausage links or patty and home fries

Kids' Lunch Menu

12 years and under only

Served with fries

2 Junior Burgers5.50

Grilled Cheese4.00

Jr. Fish5.60

Hot Dog4.10

Chicken Tenders5.35


Also: Ask your server about our seasonal homemade desserts

Iced Tea2.05


Soft Drinks2.05


Hot Tea1.75

Hot Chocolate1.75


Small 1.00 | Large 1.50

Chocolate Milk

Small 1.50 | Large 2.00


Apple | Tomato | Orange

Small 2.15 | Large 3.35